Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mysterious Communism (Revised)*

I make it a practice to give my students pretests so I can find out what background knowledge they bring to the classroom.

Many students perform well; their answers would bore you with the steady drum of succinct, correct answers.

Some students are perplexed by a question or two.


(answers include.....)

*Rule by a dictator (x13)

*Rule by one person (x7)

*A bunch of shady people. Maybe terrorists?

*A country with a dicktator

*When an entire country has the same economy

* Group oriented goals

* A country that has very little money

*Communism is finding common ground between nations

*Communism is a country that invades other countries.

*Communism is a country high on religion

*Communism is the belief the government has control.

*Communism is where people aren’t allowed to do what they want to do; the president tells them what they can do.

*Communism is prejudice views of the world

*Communism is when there is strict rules

* Communism is everything that is going on

* Communism is where the people are in charge of the government

*Communism is where the government takes money from all and gives it back evenly

*Communism is people that speak for the people of a city or state

*Communism is where the government is there to tell you what is right and wrong.

Name  communist countries
Most students wrote China, North Korea, Cuba.
Others offered up a bouquet of nations:
Germany  (x35)
Japan (x30)
France ( x7)
Iran (x17)
Iron (x1)
Iraq (x2)
United States (x4)
Mexico (x2)
Afghanistan  (x2)
Mexico (x3)