Friday, October 11, 2013

I Don't Know what Socialism is But Here is a Drawing of a Cat

Before my 11:15am lecture on the New Deal today I asked students to write a few sentences explaining what they they think Socialism is. 

 I haven't covered this in class yet, so what the students write comes from previous teachers, the media and .....? 

In a class of 80, about 20 students nailed the answer.  Here are some of the rest. 

In communism there is one crazy guy with all the power. In socialism there a group of crazy people running things.

Socialism is where immagration is excepted.

I have no idea what socialism is but here is a cartoon of a cat. ;-)

Socialism is a country where people have some sort of opinions.

Socialism is when you agree with the government.

Socialism is where the government doesn’t control the people. The people are allowed to vote for president.

Socialism is the idea that conservation saves the earth, not war.

Socialism is where people provide input and laws are based on the majority.

Socialim is where the government assigns people food and jobs and monitors everything they do. Basically. 

Socialism is where the government makes people from different backgrounds come together and make one culture.

Socialism = Government controls your LIFE

Socialism is being able to talk to other countries without having to go to war.

Socialism is a country that socializes with its people very well. They’re always on the same page, no disagreements.

Socialism is no classes, ie: Fuck the social classes, everyone is on equal playing field. Socialist countries fail because there are all ways snobs who want to be snobs.

Socialism is the believe everyone should receive equal treatment from the government. Example – if everyone in class takes an exam, everyone gets awarded the class average, not what they earned on their exam.

Socialism is different from communism because of the people.

Socialism is when two countries have a good agreement and can stand each other. Communism is different its when they are all about taking over.

Socialism is the idea that the government should be based on social policies and not political ones.
I know what socialism is but I didn’t have my coffee today.

Socialism is a government and peace.

Socialism is where people are valued by the government.

Socialism is like Obamacare, right?

Socialism is when the government rules over every aspect.

Socialism is when countries like Cuba and China don’t have communication with other countries.

Socialism is where a bunch of Hindus go to a Japanese wedding and learn to make spicy curry.

Socialism is when the government is the most important aspect of the country.

Socialism is where the government runs based on what the people choose.

Socialism is a party of people who come together.

Socialism is where people can assume a separate style of life and can co-exist amicably.

Socialism is where you can expect equal pay for your job. Unlike capitalism.

Socialism tries to eradicate poverty.

Socialism. (entire answer)

Socialism is where the government allows the society to make all the rules. So instead of having a government to tell you what to do, you can vote on laws you want to follow.