Thursday, August 1, 2013

Good One, Mom

Zack and I are at Target waiting for Zoe to pick up her Starbucks. The baristas who work there know her by name, and laugh at how she orders off the "secret menu" she found online.

He asks me when the world will end and I tell him I don't know.

That doesn't settle well with him, he is a logical mathematical engineering kid.

He expects solid, fact-based answers.

Maybe 10 years? he asks.

Probably more, I answer then add there are no guarantees in life.

Maybe the world will end in 100 years, or maybe next year? he asks.

Could be, I answer, then I tell him to live everyday like there might not be a tomorrow.

He sighs heavy, then asks, If the earth is destroyed will heaven be destroyed too?

No, I tell him, they aren't actually connected.  Heaven is indestructible.

He likes that answer then looks up at me and asks very seriously, how will he find me in heaven? Do we need a code or a meeting place?

I shake my head.

You'll find me in heaven just as easily as you found me here.

He reaches for my hand and squeezes it. then says "Good one, Mom"