Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kiss in the Dark (Sniper Story)

I tuck him while doing a mental celebratory dance.

All of June my kids stay up later and later and sleep later and later while I keep my normal schedule. This is kinda nice because the mornings (and by "morning" I mean everything before sunset) are so peaceful while the kids sleep and I get work done.

This particular night is different because I fell asleep at my normal time then woke up with a headache. The only tylenol in the house had caffeine added to it, and I took it at midnight and it hit me like a gallon of Cafe Cubano. So I hung out with my kids watching TV and laughing and talking.

Zack is hungry and asks for bacon, fully expecting me to balk. Whatever, I say, and go about frying it up. When I hand it to him I warn him to NOT tell other kids his mom made him bacon in the middle of the night, and he nods with seriousness before going back to his game, the game that his taught him what C4 is, what a Bouncing Betty is, and how to gather a group and go fight a mission.

Finally Zack finally begged to go to bed.

It isn't dawn yet, I told him, tossing down the gauntlet.

It doesn't matter, he tells me. His eyes hurt, he's tired. He's going to bed.

So I follow him into his room and leave the light off. I fluff his pillows and pull down the comforter and tuck him all in then try to kiss him. But it's dark in his room and I miss.

Stay still he tells me, then leans up and kisses me right on the lips.

How did you DO that I ask, laughing.

I'm a sniper, he replies, then turns over and goes off to sleep.