Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 1: Pretest

PART 1: PRETEST Should have a pretest. Since it doesn’t, I made one up for myself.

1) Where is your family from?
On my Mom’s side, Cuba and Spain. On her side, I’ the first generation to be born in the US. 

On my Dad’s side, New Orleans. Which, I understand, is not a country, but his people go back to the French-Canadians from Acadiana who moved to Louisiana after the French-Indian War and before the Louisiana Purchase. Parts of his family also arrived from Santo Domingo during the Haitian Revolution.

2) When do you think your first ancestors arrived in America?
For sure, the Cajuns, after 1763 but before 1803. I’ve heard we have a relative who fought the British off in the Revolutionary War, so if I had to take a specific guess I’d say 1773. 

3) What was your Ancestor’s religion? (List as many as you need to….)
Make this easier, please. Catholic. 100% down the line, French, Creole, Spanish, Irish, Italian Catholics mixed together and sprinkled with God Bless American immigrants holy water.

4) Name Every State your Ancestors Have Lived In:
Easy peasy. 1) Florida. 2)Lousiana. Done.

5) Name Every American War Your Ancestors Have Fought In:
American Revolution, I’ve seen papers on that – the Battle of Baton Rouge. I’d bet someone fought in the War of 1812, because of whole “New Orleans” battle thing. Maybe also the Civil War? I don’t know of anyone on my Dad’s side fighting in WW1 or WW2, and my dad was kindly excused from the Vietnam War.

6) What would you be shocked to find out about your family?
I’d be shocked to find out that anyone related to me knew Daniel Boone or Davey Crockett. 

I also don’t think anyone in my ancestry ever lived West of the Mississippi or north of the Mason Dixon line. I’d be shocked to be related to any famous political or military figures in American history.

7) What would you like to find out?
I’d like to find out that I’m the Queen of Spain. Or the Queen of something, that would be excellent. 

Besides that, since it’s Father’s Day, I’d like to find some treasure to share with Dad.