Tuesday, January 22, 2013

He Left Me. Happily.

Remember Alex and the frog from Prayer of the Laughing Yoga Frog?

Well today Alex came by my office to get a copy of the book for himself and his mom. No problem, I remembered to pack them this morning. I didn't remember to put my lunch in the car or bring the water bottles from the car to my office, and I certainly didn't remember a jacket on this winter day, but yes, I remembered his books and happily handed them over.

We talked for a few minutes. He told me he went with his church to  Peru, on a mission trip, and said people work too hard there and don't laugh and play like we do in America. I shrugged. I've been out of the country for 4 days of my life, so I can't offer much.

Then we discuss his classes and other issues. I hate to hurry him out of my office but he's the fifth student in a row in the past two hours and I still have to fix up today's lecture and the Dean wants to see me and I have 18 emails to answer about essays due online.

Not one to be hurried, Alex stays put in my doorway and says he had a dream.

My eyebrows raise. Oh no.

He dreamed the frog wanted to live with him.

My eyebrows stay raised. I knew this was coming.

 I knew deep down in my that someday I would give the frog away.

Anyway, I loved it too much to keep it to myself, right?

So I put the frog into a big bag and hung it on the back of Alex's chair.

His frogilicious yogarific head peeked out over Alex's shoulder as they rolled down the hallway.

They looked happy together, I thought for one moment before looking at the empty space on my desk.

My desk won't stay empty for long -- I'm sure the universe will send me something awesome, something I can't yet imagine.