Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Winces of Respect

She didn't tell me that I could write the story of her horrible awful day so I won't. But the conversation endeds with her cheered up a bit but still angry.

 I ask her to come to my bookssigning on Thursday and she pauses then proclaims
"I bet your students hug you when they see you on campus!"

"No, no definitely not," I answer so fast I practically interrupt her.  "They wince when they see me, looking all scared probably because they don't know what crazy thing I could do. They dont want to draw attention to themselves; some cringe. I saw a blonde scitter away and hide once. No, my students don't hug me and I try not to terrorize them in front of their friends. Its a good system. We kinda like it that way. "

She replies with a disappointed "oh" and soon enough goes off to what she has to do.

 Which is good because I suddenly feel like writing  stories again.