Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you to to the following students who contributed generously to the Veterans Village 4th of July food drive:

  • Nikki Scott
  • Stephanie Torbush
  • Shanita Norwood
  • Gary Gaiotti
  • Brittney Johnson
  • James Johnson
  • Gary Gaiotti
  • Carlos Crane
  • S. Lemacks
  • James Johnson
  • Melanie Williams
  • Shaliah Smith
  • Cameron Greene
  • C. Hicks
  • Denise D.
  • Lisa Knighten
  • Ashley Harrison

*let me know if I missed anyone!

Here are about half the bags -- and my kids, and Denise (hi Denise!) -- 
while I was taking these down to my car, my office filled back up with more bags!

Food everywhere!!

When I finally filled the car up to drive to Veterans Village, 
my poor kids were surrounded by bags of food. See Zack?

 It was awesome*