Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love and Flattery

I am on the kitchen floor pouring bleach under the sink cleaning up one of the small acts of rebellion my house been has performing these past weeks.

Zack walks up behind me and hugs me.

"Mom, can you tighten the chain on my bike?"

Tears come to my eyes (not from the bleach vapors), I wipe my hands and hug my son.

"You're the best thing in the world, I love you," I tell him and kiss him on the head.

He looks at me, sweaty and puzzled.

"Just that you would think I would know how tighten the chain on your bike... just that you would think that, it's so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes..."

He hugs me back, then slowly and quietly backs away, leaving me alone to fix to the project at hand.