Friday, July 1, 2011

Veteran's Village: Good News and Bad News

I have great, heartwarming news. 

My students came together to assemble and deliver about 50 bags of groceries and $200 in gift certificates for the food closet at Tallahassee Veteran's Village. 

We want them to know they are part of our holiday, that they are remembered and included and that we are thankful for their service. 

I took pictures of the food in my office (below) but my hands were full once we arrived at Veteran's Village. 

A gentleman there offered to show us the Food Closet. 

Kori, Anthony, Zoe, Zack, Margie and I climbed the stairs behind him and peeked into the room, 

That's where the bad news comes in.

The food closet is the size of a large walk-in closet, lined with wire shelves.

The food closet was, for all practical purposes, bare.

There are rows and rows of  creamed  corn. And there are rows of canned regular corn.  The only food in the dark refrigerator was husks of corn, which I was told were expired and would be thrown out. 

Other than a few cans of green beans and about ten boxes of off-brand rice-a-roni, the shelves were bare. 

We brought a lot - PopTarts and cereal and sauces and boxed dinners and  brownies and cookies --  but the Veteran's Village food closet needs more. A lot more. 

They need milk. They need bread. They need eggs. They need a little bit of help from a lot more of us.

Please consider donating to the Veteran's Village, and choose to serve those who have chosen to serve their nation.