Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reporting from at Camp Mommy

It is past noon and I have gotten enough grading done that I can justify turning my attention back to Camp Mommy  - which I am happy to say has past the 50% mark.

Everyone gets dressed and we slide into the car, dancing to nothing I'd admit to in writing.

As I pull down the hill and onto the curb the children gasp and point.

I'm sure I killed a kitten at least, or a fat rabbit or baby deer at the very worst.

But nothing went thump. Still, I stop and exhale, and look where the kids are pointing.

I didn't hit anyone. Our neighbor is standing on his corner, saluting me.

I roll down the window.

He says, "I bet no one has saluted you in a while."

I am speechless.

I'm hungry and I'm happy I won't be washing roadkill off my tires so I laugh, "No. You're right, especially not.. outside in the daylight