Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This summer, my AMH 2010 and 2020 students have been putting together supplies to bring to the Veterans Village so the local Heroes there know they are appreciated, honored and included in of *all* of our 4th of July celebrations.

Students have offered to  bring chips, dessert mixes, breakfast foods, and things to stock up the pantries there like sauces and mixes and nonperishable staples.

We will also be bringing "Party Stuff" like paper goods, cups, and decorations for a 4th of July Party, along with 
 gift cards for you to buy the meats and etc for the BBQ.

Besides that -- any special requests? 

Also -- I had asked the students to plan on coordinating our delivery on Friday morning around 11 or so -- does that work for you? If not let me know a better time so I can pass it on.

Thanks for all you do!!
Dr. Melissa Soldani
TCC Dept of History

We have all the paper goods and decorations, cups & plates etc.
We need giftcards to Publix or Walmart

4th of July Party:  use your imagination, but nothing cooked/perishable. Chips, cookies...

Breakfasts: poptarts, muffins, grits, cereal, oatmeal

Drinks: coffee, tea, mixes

Bag/Box Meal Mixes: Hamburger Helper, Tacos, stuff like that -- 

Snacks: crackers, popcorn, pretzels, pudding mixes, dessert mixes

You can bring your donation anytime during the working day to the HSS division @ TCC and they will bring it to my office, or just bring it Friday morning. If you come by when I'm no there, take a picture of your bag and mark it with your name to make sure you get credit!

Let's have fun!!!