Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Name This Dictator --

On the PRETEST for Unit #2,  put up a picture of Benito Mussolini and asked them to fill in the blanks:
This is ___________, leader of ___________. 

Ten students (out of 76) correctly identified him by name and associated him with Italy. 
The rest…. Well…..  Here is a sampling:

Jefferson; US
Jerry King, Leader of Hitler’s Army
Fester Adams; ?
Hector; Guam
Mr. Clean; Russia
General Cobbs; Congress
General Cromwell; US Army
Lennon; Russia
General Patton; US Army
Hamler; Russia
Mow; France
Putin; France
Bob; Germany
Serious Man; Leader of Insane Asylum
Hugo; Bulgaria
Gorbachev; Russia
Jean-Paul; ?
Steve Wilkos; Russia
General Baldo; Japan
Sherman; Shermanville
Curly; Soviets