Saturday, February 19, 2011

From GOD

(From July 2007)

On Saturday morning I packed the kids into the car for errands.

By noon we were back home, Zoe watching TV in her room, Zack positioned at the breakfast bar to watch me cook.

Can I have a spoonful of icing?

Icing? No.
I save that for bribing you or rewarding you for being sooooo brilliant.
How about some muffins?

No. Yuck. Those are Zoe's.

Fine. How about some grapes. They're healthy.

How are they healthy?

I get some from the refrigerator, buying time for a great answer.

Grapes grow from the ground. They're natural. I deposit a plate of grapes in front of them.


Yes. Grapes come from God.

He holds on up. GOD is in this grape?


Zack pretends to hug the grape, then eats it.

Is God everywhere?


Is God in your boobies?

I laugh and look down to admire them, then turn to the cabinet.

Would you like chocolate or vanilla icing?