Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Me, Surrounded by Tomorrow's Great Leaders

I'm sitting outside revising my manuscript, just like I should be, and I am, but I have to tell you this, now.

Zoe is turning cartwheels on the front yard (not an easy feat on a hill).

Zack is riding his bike in lazy circles and figure 8's.

They chatter at each other, and I fall into my screen, into revising, cutting, deleting and then I notice its quiet.

Too quiet.

My kids are still like statues in this awkward thing little kids do when older kids go by their yards, pretending not to be self-conscious while holding their ground. 

From the side of my eye I see three teenagers approach. One girl says to the other (loudly, as though to impress the boy it seems like they might be following around the block), "You KNOW, our feet aren't actually touching the ground. They never really do...."  

Her friend agrees with her giggling, "Yes, yeah, I've heard that...." and they turn the corner, out of my sight, and the conversation goes with them.