Sunday, October 17, 2010

Balancing a Book on My Head While Walking in Cute Platform Heels

If I wanted to keep my stories secret, I wouldn't have a blog.

So why then, am I writing a book in the dark, trying to hide it from the world until it is good enough, done enough, perfect enough to tie with a ribbon and say "... here it is I, THIS is the best I can do!"?

That's craziness.

I'm tired of trying to write a perfect book.

 I'm back to doing what I like to do, what I've learned how to do.

I'm telling a good story, piece by piece.

 Right now (and for the last two weeks) I'm in the process of  rewriting lists of exam bloopers into chapters, and placing them (and moving them, and replacing them, and revising them) between the story chapters which are already written.

So here I am, blogging about this, after I announced  to myself and the world that I would turn off facebook, turn off my blog and shut myself off from the world to finish the book.

 I'm remembering now, on this chilly Sunday morning in October that I wouldn't be telling stories if it wasn't for you, my invisible friends, who read them and laugh (and cry) along with me.

.....back to the book!