Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I was wrong. Twice. (Chikfila and Karate Kid)

Today was a day of errands and dragging the kids around. By 4pm they were starving so I broke my "no eating out on weekdays" rule and went to the Chikfila in the mall before seeing Karate Kid.

I ordered their new spicy chicken sandwich.
It was spicy.
Yep. Spicy.
That's all I have to say about that.

Which is disappointing because Chikfila is so good at being good. Their lemonade is -- perfect.

Their sandwiches and fries are always crispy, hot, perfect. (Except on Sundays)

Even their Chikfila sauce is an amazing little tub of wonderful.

So I expected the spicy chicken sandwich to be special, I expected to love it.

I was wrong.

After dinner I took the kids to see Karate Kid in the mall.

We were the first ones there in the biggest theatre of the complex, and settled in the top back row.

I didn't expect to like it. I had three books packed, and planned to daydream or mentally write, or otherwise distract myself during the predictable kids movie.

I was wrong, again.

Halfway through the movie I started writing fan mail to Will and Jada Smith thanking them for their son (who my son was sure was a girl for the first hour of the movie) and thanking them for making this delicious movie, for the casting, the writing, the cinematography.

The story line -- even if you know it -- unfolded at a masterful pace. Even though most of us knew how it was going to end, the audience laughed, cheered, clapped and jeered. It held my attention for the entire 2+hours, and was well worth the ticket price.

I didn't want to love this movie, I didn't even want to like it.

I was wrong.

For the second time in one day.

Wow. Now go see the movie!