Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dream Man, con't

We are lazing on the sofa planning another summer day.

Can we still get paint?

Sure, I tell him. I imagine Zoe Zack and myself outside with lots of
towels and rags, painting a birdhouse or something along those lines.

Bear! He proclaims.

You want to paint a bear?

No, I want BEAR.

You want bear, I repeat, continuing, that doesn't make sense, that's
not grammatically correct...

Buckets of bear! He explains. Lets buy buckets of paint and rollers...

Oh. You have a preferred BRAND of paint. I'm impressed. That'll get
you places. I can't afford that now, I've budgeted $10 for all the
paints. You still on board anyway.

He crosses his arms and nodds his head, building and painting
imaginary houses for us.