Sunday, May 2, 2010

8 Balls and Handcuffs

They come back wired and happy from an afternoon with their dad.

Zoe shows off her new totally unnecessary (soon to be ignored)  Magic 8 Ball.

Zack flashes his new gun and handcuffs which "really lock, for real Mom, they LOCK with keys, isn't this cool?"

I don't tell him what I really think of the toys, but smile with relief at their distraction and get back to grading.

About twenty essays later, I pause to hunt for a fresh  a pen. (This is a sport of mine)

In the living room I pass Zoe, hands behind her back, Zack ignoring her half-laughing please for help.

Then he stands over her like a mad jailer, takes her new toy, shakes it and asks, "Magic 8 Ball, will she ever be released from the handcuffs?"

Zoe screamed in protest, and I dashed back to grading final exams.