Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tips from Tiff*

Tips from Tiff Hi, thank you for logging onto,”Tips from Tiff” is sure to provide professor Soldanis’ future AMH1041 students with helpful tips and advice that is needed for this class. Our site consists of four main procedures that we think will help you during your semester in AMH1041.Explained into depth, you will be able to read on note taking, what to do when you’re bored, your freedom in class and how the whole “money” game is just one big joke! We recommend you memorize or write these tips down because what we have to say is going to get you by history with no problems.

To begin with, if you’re going to take notes during class, well you might as well be a nerd! You really think professor Soldani has anything that important to say that you must waste your energy on writing it all down? I don’t think so; this is why text books were invented! Soldani will start the class off my posting up these things called ID’s you’re suppose to write down, but no need to because it’s not like they are “need to know” words, yea you’ll need them for the test but their so easy to memorize.

 After her post of the ID’s, Soldani lectures the class with her “stories” of history. There’s no need in listening to these so called “stories” because nothing she says is going to be on the test, I just think she likes hearing the sound of her own voice.

Oh and she always has pictures up while she’s lecturing, most of the time they are pretty cool so make sure you don’t miss them! So what I’m trying to say is there’s no need in taking notes in this class, go buy the text book and you’re good to go!

Next, everyone gets bored in class and then sometimes we have our mornings having trouble getting out of bed. Well thank goodness professor Soldani is so lenient, you get to have so much freedom.
 If you have a bad morning whether it’s from partying the night before or you just didn’t sleep well that night, no need to worry. I suggest you just don’t go because like I said before, there’s nothing important that you’re going to miss out on. E-mail a classmate that day to tell you what was discussed in class and go read it in the text book.

Or let’s say you felt guilty for skipping class and figured you’d show up but be late, that’s ok too. Most teachers look at walking in late while he/she is lecturing is rude, but not professor Soldani, she’ll usually stop what she’s doing, greet you and then let you get situated.

 Yes, sitting in class for an hour can be pretty boring, so if I were you I’d take out my cell phone and text somebody. It’s no biggie, Soldani doesn’t mind, she also knows sometimes you can get calls during class so she allows you to just get up and walk outside to answer it. Soldani also knows how everyone is addicted to facebook and allows for you to be on your laptop during class.

Definitely take advantage of that previledge and whip your computer out and facebook it, enjoy your freedom!
 Last, I’m sure you’ve heard about Soldani having some kind of “money” game, well you’ve heard correctly but, it’s a big joke! You see, the “money” game is where Soldani has this fake money she hands out to her students for different kinds of reasons.

You can earn money by doing extra credit, showing up for class and many others. The thing that makes it a pain in the butt has to keep track of all of it on the money log she gives you.

What makes her think you’d be interested in worrying about keeping track of your money log when you probably have your own check book to worry about keeping up with it? I don’t have the answer to the question but I do have a suggestion for you so you don’t have to worry about it, don’t do it.

All the money is for is using it as extra credit on the test but it doesn’t help much or buying your way out of assignments, there’s no use in buying your way out of assignments anyway.

To tell you the truth, you’ll end up doing just as much work earning the money as you would do the assignment. Just stick to the normal routine of a student and do the work.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that it has given you a heads up and better prepared yourself for professor Soldanis AMH1041. Thanks for visiting!