Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ten-fold Commandments

When I pick her up from school at carpickup, her mood shifts quickly
from affectionately happy to stiffly indignant.

"Mom! Friend X had gum with her today and I asked her for a piece. A
piece!! And do you know what she said?"

I don't answer, but I know.

Still I raise my eyebrows and turn my head her way slightly,
silently encouraging the story.

"Mom! She said no! I couldn't believe it. No!?4 So I asked her if she
knew about the Ten Commandments, and she said no, so I told her about
the one that whatever you give you get back ten-fold."

I turn the car down our street and then aim it at the garage,
involuntarily but quietly giggling at the failure of my home-church

"Mom? Stop laughing! Why are you laughing? Nevermind. Just listen.
So Friend Y interrupts us and tells me to stop trying to trick Friend
X with all my 'smart talk' about things. And then Mom! She says that
everyone knows the Ten Commandments were just made up. Mom? Can you
believe that? Made up? They're real. They're history. Made up?!"

Zoe exhales her frustrated conclusion.

I shake my head. "Third grade sounds tough."

Zoe nodded, got out of the car and slipped back into her usual happy

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