Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Service Project (from Star Student)

In Dr. Soldanis history class, we had to do a service project for the soldiers that are fighting for our country. Our options were to send a care package over seas or give a bag of goodies to the veterans at the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

I chose to send a package over seas that consisted of different foods, cigarettes, pictures of me, and toiletries. I chose to send the package because I felt as if it would bring joy to all the soldiers over seas, and they would be grateful to finally receive thanks from the American people.

I wrote the soldiers a letter that explained who I am, and why I wrote the letter. I told them that I was a student in Dr. Soldani’s class and how she encourages all of us to give back to the soldiers fighting for our freedom.

I told them that they were doing a great job, and everyone over here at Tallahassee Community College greatly appreciates everything they are doing, and we want to honor them. I also wrote in my letter, that my uncle is over seas also and how I cant imagine what their families are going through because my Uncle has been over seas for over a year and half.

I explained to them the affect that my Uncle has had on my family, and I hope that they know what they are doing for our country and for their families. I sent pictures of me and my friends so that they can see an example of what they are fighting for. I hope they know how greatly they are appreciated, and sending the letter and gifts helped me grateful that I live in a country full of freedom.

This really had a great affect on me as well as the soldiers, because it made me feel more appreciative and made me think back on all the freedom I have in America by being able to hang out with my friends whenever I want, eat the foods I want, and be able to do basically anything I want.

The letter I wrote to the soldiers impacted me greatly because it came from my heart and I discovered how much they truly have changed all of our lives. The things I put in the box were items that I knew they would appreciate.

They do so much for this country, that I felt as if I should give something back to them. They fight for our freedom, so I feel as if everyone should send as much as they can to the soldiers who fight for us.

The package took me about 45 minutes to make and came from my heart and soul. Making this package in forty five minutes made me realize that this time, compared to the time and energy they are spending over seas is nothing.

I would like to do more for the men and women fighting for us, and this class made me realize how much I appreciate them because Dr. Soldani would go into depth and detail about all the things they have to do and the suffrage they are going through with housing, eating, and the lack there of. This project made me find out who I truly was, by giving back to the soldiers.

Even though I am not taking this class next year I will most definitely be doing this project again, but not for a grade but for my self.

This project made me feel really good about my self, because it made me feel not selfish but more of a grateful thing. I am honored I was assigned this project, and got to have the chance to tell people that I did give back to the soldiers over seas.

(by Start Student)