Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Service Project (from a Service Mom*)

I am overwhelmed with all of the attention that is / has been given to the service project by the students. Some grumbled when the first learned of the project.

As I initially stated in my evaluation letter, the service project that is assigned as a part of this class’s curriculum had some bearing on why I chose this particular history over any other history class. I personally think that it is a wonderful concept and idea.

I chose to send my projects to the veterans hospital mainly because I have a son that is in the marines, and he is about to do his second tour. I already know that once he gets there I will be sending items to him as well as others near him.

I have never sent anything to the veteran’s hospital and actually I had overlooked the fact that there are militants that close to me that would enjoy to receive items as well. I am not blind to that fact anymore.

I did participate in both of the projects on the first one I sent some Easter items so that they may decorate their rooms. I had my children with me when I went shopping and I explained the assignment to them and allowed each one of them to pick out an item as well. They had fun deciding the one item that they were allowed to select actually it caused a little bit of a problem cause they wanted to select more than one.

In the box I put: • Wall hanging with a rabbit on it, some plastic grass for decor • W snow globe with a bunny in it, an easter egg rubiks cube • Some transparencies to hand in the window • Some Easter painting crafts and a lot of other craft items (to keep them busy) • Some door hangers, things to decorate easter eggs with, • And many other items as well

For my 2nd service box I focused on hygienic items….. • Bath soap for men • Laundry bags • Shaving cream • Toothbrushes • Playing cards (for relaxing after they bathe) • About 30 pair of socks (forgot there were so many amputees there) • And some more various items

I wrote a letter to David explain to him that I had a son in the marine corps and I know first hand how it feels to know that someone cares. I thank him and his fellow residents all they do and all they have done for us, America, people in general.

I myself am truly grateful and I know without a doubt that others are happy as well; they just don’t know how to show it. Now, that these guys have given their life for us, perhaps one of the simplest things we can do it to wake up every morning and go out into the world with a smile. We should show some type of appreciation for the fact that we are able to function from day to day.

In our appreciation we should do as they have done, meaning you don’t have to go out and fight a war or become a street vigilante. Just show that you care about your country and be respectful of others, maybe every now and then help someone that is down, anyone just anyone (it doesn’t have to be a militant). It doesn’t cost anything to say or show that they care. This is among the least that you can do but the options never end.

People should pray for the safe return of our troops sometimes it does not matter to people until it hits home. They should remember that their son or daughter could wake up any day and tell them that they are going to enlist, then what?

I have enjoyed being in your class this semester and I look forward to being in your 1050 class in the fall.

Please don’t ever stop the service projects and I am glad that it counts 10 percent of your grade it will get the students to participate because they recognize that without it a B is the highest grade they can get….

(from D*J)