Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to Slide By ( by Jack)

 How to Slide By

I have been in many history classes and this is one of the easiest classes to get an A in without doing a lot of work. There are so many different factors that benefit the student that make this class the easiest class to pass.

First Dr. Soldani has something called a money system that works as extra credit towards tests, homework, and quizzes. This system basically is automatic and one does not even need to work for the extra credit it basically comes to you, gosh it’s so easy.

All of the little things in her class were very convenient for example how we could use our phones, going in and out of class whenever one wants, and talking, were all things that were allowed to keep us comfortable and paying attention to the schoolwork up on the board, but in reality we never listened to Dr. Soldani and we still did great.

There are many reasons why this class is the easiest class on campus and requires less work, than walking to class, to get an A.

know from experience that going to class was not a necessity at all, but I still went because I am a great student and figured what else would I be doing.

You should try and stall going to class for as long as possible because the things in the beginning of the notes are not important at all and Dr. Soldani does not penalize you for being late like she warned in the beginning.

I was at first scared she would take my money from me but my first time late I just told her I will pay her later and she let it slide, and later ended up forgetting.

So I say be late to class because it only can do well. Another great thing about this class is how comfortable I was.

Every Tuesday and Thursday when I would come to this class I would have a great feeling.

This class was one of the most lenient classes I would be allowed to text on my phone and leave class whenever I pleased and she would not even care at all. So when you go to class make sure you have a good texting phone for when the class gets boring and you need to space out for a little.

Also whenever you have to go to the bathroom there is no charge like she warned and you can go whenever you want it’s the most freedom I have had in any class my whole life. I even can fall asleep in class and get away with getting some of my extra points taken away. One of the greater things was how easy the coursework was.

The class work in Dr. Soldani’s class is extremely easy everything you have to do can be done with only writing down the notes. She makes her tests on a PowerPoint and my advice would be to not even pay attention about what she is saying and just right down the notes because she is not saying anything important. So basically what I am saying is if you take notes you pretty much will get an A if you just take the notes.

Hooray you finally found an easy class! Also all the work online and quizzes and essays and such just like the one I am writing now should require no effort because it is not a big part of your grade compared to the tests. Soo make sure you do well on the tests so you can slack off on the rest of the class work. In summary, this whole essay had a purpose to help you do great in class and pass with flying colors.

And if you want to do all of this you are on the right track to FAIL!

This is an essay that describes what type of person will get a 0 in this class.

A person with no drive and no sense would be the only one to fail in Dr. Soldani’s class and this essay is what that person would do.

Dr. Soldani’s class requires only one hint or pointer from the student -- If you do exactly what Dr. Soldani tells you to do which is not anything hard you will get an A and have a really fun class full of cussing and funny stories about how messed up our history is and how great it is as well.

I know I walked out of there with a full American experience.