Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HOW TO FAIL * From a Star Student

Dear “Failure,” Welcome to Dr. Soldani’s history class!

This class is extremely hard, and is so easy to fail. So listen up, take notes so you can definitely make sure you fail this class.

To make sure you fail this class make sure you do this: either don’t come to class, or come to class late, and don’t take any notes, and use your phone if you do, while Dr. Soldani is lecturing(she will love it.) A
lso don’t do any of the assignments Dr. Soldani assigns. Doing all these things will for sure earn you an “F” in this class.If you miss Dr. Soldani’s class this will be the perfect way to fail this class because you will miss so much material.

For instance, when Dr. Soldani lectures she gives you all these information that you will need to know for all your exams. So if you miss class then you will be so lost and not know what to write for each power point slide. Also, coming to class late is another perfect way to fail this class.

Coming to class late means that you will miss the “google key terms” that Dr. Soldani assigns five minutes before class starts. If you don’t know the google key terms then you will be very lost because you will not know what each terms matches with what slide.

When you are late you also have to “owe” money to Dr. Soldani for coming late, so if you make running late a habit then you will not have a lot of money to buy out of your last final, extra points on exams, or buy out of quizzes, and essays.

Speaking of the whole “money” situation, just do not even worry about that since this is letter I am writing to you is all about “how to fail Dr. Soldani’s class.” So just do not even bother collecting money, or writing your money log down or anything!

Most importantly, do not, I repeat do not take any notes during lecture. If you do not take notes during lecture then you will miss the story that Dr. Soldani explains for each slide. Not taking notes during her lectures will also make you forget about each story she explains for each slide, so when you have to study for your exam you will have nothing to study for because you didn’t write down the interesting funny story.

If I were you the easiest way not to take notes during her lecture is just fall asleep, doodle on a piece of paper or…USE YOUR CELL PHONE! Speaking of cell phone this is a guarantee way of failing this class. Using your phone while Dr. Soldani lectures means you have to owe her “money,” so there goes more money that you will not get to have, and you get called out in front of the whole entire class which can and will be very embarrassing, and you will already be on her bad side if you make this happen every class.

Okay, another good way to fail this class would not to do any of the assignments Dr. Soldani assigns to you through out the semester. The assignments are usually, take home quizzes, and essays. Not doing these assignments will make you fail this history class because these assignments are worth between ten to twenty percent of your grade.

Another tip to fail this class is do not buy the book. If you do not buy the book then you will not have the answers to help you to do the online quizzes, or essays Dr. Soldani assigns.

Well there you go “failure.”

All this advice I just told you about will most definitely guarantee you a way to fail this class. Just make sure you do everything I told you to do in this “how to fail Dr. Soldani’s class.” Do not come to class, or come to her class late, do not write down any of the google terms, or write down any notes while Dr. Soldani lectures.

Remember to use your cell phone while Dr. Soldani lectures, and not do any of the assignments she assigns through out the semester.

It’s very easy to do, you can do! Sincerely, “Star” Student