Wednesday, April 28, 2010

About the Service Project *

I chose to give items to the patients at the Veteran’s hospital and give items to send to the men in Afghanistan for my service project this semester. I chose to complete both projects because both larger groups of men are important parts of our military and deserve all of the help that is possible. It feels good to be able to give something to them, after they have all risked their lives to keep our country safe. I would not feel right only choosing one of the service projects to contribute to.

I believe that the smallest contributions that Americans can give to our troops, in the Middle East or not, makes a large difference. It lets the men know that we are thinking about them and that what they do is not forgotten and never will be. 

Even if it is not a lot that you are giving, I am sure that they will appreciate it just as much as anything else. These men sacrifice their lives for us every day, so, it should not be a burden for us to purchase a few things and take a small amount of time to go to the post office and send them a care package. I think that it is great the Dr. Soldani included this service project in our class, and all of her other ones. All of the items both groups of men, both in Afghanistan and the hospital, were probably so useful for them. I know they are thankful for everything Dr. Soldani has done to get us all to buy things that we believe are important for the veterans to have, and to also write them a letter to make the care packages more personal. Doing this service project makes me want to try to do more for our troops, the ones I know in the military and the ones I do not know.

I also think that it would be important for Dr. Soldani’s other classes in the future to send these packages, because there can never be too much support from the people at home. 

In the box I sent to the veterans in the hospital I sent: bathroom items such as, razors, shaving cream, body soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash, playing cards, a few small games, and some sugar-free candy. In the box that I sent to the men in Iraq I included two of my favorite movies, Liar Liar and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, playing cards, Sports Illustrated magazines (including the swimsuit edition), two puzzles, and a deck of Uno cards, which is always if a fun game to keep people occupied for a while. 

I wanted to send things that will keep the men having fun and thinking about positive things to get their mind off work, as well as home things to keep their personal hygiene good. 

When I sent the stuff to the men in the Veteran’s hospital I also wrote them a letter. I introduced myself, then explained how thankful that I am for brave men like them. I told them a story about one of my great friends that is currently in the Air Force, who also went to Afghanistan for 6 months. I also told them about how my boyfriend is planning on joining the military after he graduates from college. I told them how I was nervous and a bit upset when he told me that he wanted to do this.

But now that I have had time to think about it, I think that it is great that he wants to risk his life and give time to serve his country. It is very important to him that he does this, so I will support him in whatever he chooses to do. In the letter that I wrote to the men in Afghanistan, I explained how thankful that I am that they are overseas in such a dangerous place defending all of us here back in America. Pretty much my whole letter was just to let them know how much we all appreciate how brave they are and that they deserve every bit of support possible from everyone. 

(By D*G)