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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Isn’t it nice, living in a rapper’s paradise? #Pretest

Pretest: Rapper’s Delight .... what is it? Tell me what you know. 

10/140 students correctly wrote lyrics from the song; an equal amount identified the song and discussed it's significance.

Most of my students were much less sure about "Rapper's Delight" and here are their answers, in no particular order:
 Dilly Dilly, 
In US History, solving all these US mysteries 
This sounds like a candy that sponsors Lil’ Wayne 
Rappers Delight is a whipped jelly dessert not from Turkey 
What about the WTC building 7? 2 planes took down 3 buildings? 
I think it was in Pitch Perfect. I was born in 1999. 
I can rap alphabet aerobics, but I don’t know this 
A rap song from the 1990s about cocaine (or vaginas?) 
The rappers favorite chocolate 
It’s called Rappin’  Delight 
Xanax and Lean 
Isn’t it nice, living in a rapper’s paradise? 
 20” blades on the Impala, Halla 
Sitting here confused, I forgot one shoe 
Rapping is the game, its quite the delight 
I love Rappers Delight 
WTH is a Rappers Delight?? 
Is it Drugs? 
Aspects of life that Rappers enjoy 
A delightful choice between rapping or not. 
A type of treat you get for killing the beat 
Freedom of speech? 
It is when a rapper is in his prime 
A candy 
Kendrick Lamar’s halftime performance 
A system that develops rappers #slant 
The joy Migos feel when they drop a new track 
Something like those rap snacks, those new chips 
Rappers have tea and crumpets with each other 
It’s a culture in the US 
Someone that sings 
Joe Blow 
She see monkeys all around me, she say I’m the man 
What’s good? 
Before WW1 or WW2 
It’s a light that only rappers can see 
Rappers delight is a well known piece of American Literature. 
Its lit 
Yo diggity dog 
Rappers delight was OG rappers: Tupac, Dre, Snoop 
I got that, juice, now rap on me 
Rappers delight is so so fine 
In US History, solving all these US mysteries 
A sandwich that rappers snack on 
Kendrick Lamar’s freedom of speech 
Make money not friends, all I do is win 
Roses are red, violets are blue, I don’t know Louisiana Purchase or rappers delight too. 
I’m having the time of my life, I never felt this way before 
When Eminem indulges in M&M’s 
I don’t know what rappers delight in 
Maybe Gangster’s Paradise? 
Christmas time let’s not bring all this unhappiness around 
A song focusing on unity 
It’s a coffee for rappers 
Rapper’s Delight is a song at a magazine 
Issa Song 
Kendrick Lamar and Tupac on an album together 
Gangster’s Paradise 
Some kind of cheap food 
A popular song from the early 2000s 
A happy rapper rapping 
The Bloods and the Crips all got along 
The marketing of goods between countries 
A piece of rapping paper? 
Money on a dining room plate 
Comedians who rap about US history 
You gotta listen to the words. 
A delight of rappers rapping 
This is the rappers light 
This rap stuff too early, my wrist is too freezy
Money, money, money
It was all a dream 
Yo yo yo 
I aint a killer but don’t push me 
Yo dude, what’s up? 
“Delighted Rappers” 
No Way 
Weezy F baby and the F is for  
Rappers delight yo yo yo 
A bunch of words that rime 
When rappers are happy with the Louisiana Purchase 
I don’t know what this is but it probably goes “I’m a rapper I love rapping” 
Food that rappers like 
Sex, Drugs and Money 
Mount Rushmore 
Rappers that I like: Kodak Black, Kevin Gates, Lil Baby 
Bad taste in music 
A song that makes people happy 
Rappers writing a song (or) When people like gift rapping 
I keep my keep my head high, I have my wings to carry me 
The Americans love chocolate candy rappers 
Rappers delight is a sweet 
I know Rapper’s Delight is not Gangster’s Paradise. Is it weed?