Tuesday, January 24, 2006

You Got Me. Thanks. Do it again!

Dear Jarrett and Peggy (Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty) --

Thanks for yesterday, for coming in here and laughing with me between classes.

But as far as Jarrett peeking her head in "to say goodbye" when she could see (and hear) I was on TWO phonecalls... I mean, you knew I was distracted, you brilliant she-spy.

And Peggy? Doing Jarrett's bidding?
Because you could NOT have even dreamed of tricking ME?! Nay! nay! You innocent soul, thrown to the wolves, becoming one of them. I see the yellow glint in your eyes...

So, anyway, yes, you won.

I threw my arms up and said NO! Not today, with my mush-brain!!!
Good trick. I'm flattered by the attention.
Paybacks are... are... are how I like to say "I love you..."
So, um, watch out.