Thursday, January 12, 2006

Other People in My Hallway

Peggy -- Dr. Russell -- is also on our hallway.

She teaches teachers to become EDUCATORS. Herculean task. Right person to do it.

Today I greeted Peggy a little too heartily, and she kinda screamed. Kinda.

I think I scared her, but I was here 4 hours before Peggy. And I made my way through the top half of a pot of Cuban coffee.

So today she was moving her f and telling a story about having to wear a tin foil cap once to appease someone who said that it would keep aliens from invading your brain.

Peggy got that nice woman help. Maybe she'll get me help too.

Since I'm a die-hard-easedropper, I just bounced (Tigger-style) into the hall between our offices with a coffee-filter on my head, because I hear that those offer optimal alien-invasion-protection. And because I like to make people laugh.

They did.
But not everyone, actually.

Mark didn't.

The assistant-to-the-dean who is also working right now as the boss-of-how-to-rearrange-furniture told me it's too late.

Everyone knows my brain has already been invaded.

(That explains NOTHING, thank you very much. Political Science professors should not diagnose.)

Thanks Mark. Dr. Druash.

King of desk-placement and Vice President of Bagels.

I love my job.