Wednesday, January 4, 2006

January 4: Todays LITTLE Secret

Um, I'm home alone.

And if you're reading this, you're too far to be a danger (or good company?) to me.

I'm NEVER home alone. My instinct this morning, in the wake of triple-overtime-heartbreak, was to get up at 5am and get back into life.

Into MY reality, which starts wayyyyy before dawn and involves avoiding the kids, the house, the husband...

But I slept in a little bit.

Got the kids ready, strapped them in the car and tossed their lunchboxes through the sunroof while husband pulled out of the driveway.

Apparently, the kids have the reflexes of olympic athletes.

Faculty don't have to report (TRANSLATION: show your face wearing something appropriate and be kind and helpful to wayward students while finishing your syllabi and lectures) until tomorrow.


And dear husband (for once) is out of the house for the day.
Or at least for the morning.

So why race out?
******I have NO ONE to avoid!*********

Here are my REAL plans.

After a nice long walk along Tallahassee's rolling hills (which are shaping my butt to be nice and rolling in a GOOD way, not a lumpy bad way FYI) I'm cleaning up and heading to (YOU WON"T BELIEVE THIS!) get my OIL CHANGED!

I have the Wal-Mart card -- cash, like reality, is soooooo restricting, so today is THE DAY.


And, I think, to celebrate the oil change, I'm buying some hubcaps for the Melissa-mobile.

Cute hubcaps, ones that project the image of Jennifer Lopez's butt and Jennifer Aniston's torso.

Oh, wait. Maybe I need to buy shoes to accomplish that???