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Friday, March 9, 2018

Claim Your Ancestor #43: Futched Up

Dear Student,

Apparently your ancestor Margaret Kicklighter got in some trouble for assault and battery on a man named Henry Futch. 

As you can see, a grand jury (all male) indicted her in 1899 based on the testimony of three witnesses.

We don't know why she did it (were they in love and he broke her heart? was she being raped and fought back? I want the transcript!)

You wanted me to find something strange and interesting in your tree?

 If a woman on trial isn't interesting enough, take a peek at who the prosecutor for Liberty County happened to be.... none other than Henry P. Futch.

Please, please investigate!!

Claim Your Ancestor #42: 6 Men went into Battle. And maybe Ann, too...

You asked me to find something unexpected and I think I stumbled upon it.... I was already soaking up the impact the Civil War was having on Georgia, following a family  who sent 6 men into battle against the Union forces.   They are  descended from a Revolutionary War hero who bought a nice chunk of land in George in the 1790s.

I allow myself to imagine how it must have felt in the 1860s -- before modern communication, before modern transportation, before the modern infrastructure -- that they genuinely felt invaded and were fighting to protect their soil, not some lofty idea of Dixie.

What was it like for that family to send 6 men to battle and.... wait....?

The 5 sons came home.

 Their 73 year old father did not. 

I hate this war -- and all war -- in a new way, because this violence will send waves of violence through generations (I know this because I'm working backwards through your tree and omg you'll see) in the region.

Your family tree is teaching me a lot of things, but then I found something that I could not have expected.... another combatant from the family ended up a prisoner of war.   

Please, please investigate.

Claim Your Ancestor #41: 3 Wise Women of Denmark

Dear Student,

I found this while researching your family tree -- three brothers and three sisters marry, creating a tangle of Wise Denmark cousins that will also marry. 

 When I saw the same names over and over I thought I was doing something wrong, like forgetting a step in a math problem, but then I found a "story" attached to one of their trees (screenshot below). 

You should investigate.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Claim Your Ancestor #40: Cherokee, born in the Indian Territory


Have you  ever heard stories about being descended from Native Americans?

While researching your family back through generations, I found George Ward in the Indian Territory, with a family registration number 1153. (Don't make that your PIN, we all know it now*)

Cherokee George Oswald Ward was born in the Indian Territory of Oklahoma in 1863, which means it is very likely his parents and grandparents were part of the Trail of Tears.

As I continued my research I found that George O. Ward was 1/32 Cherokee, and his kids were 1/64.  

 I wonder what the other 31/32 were????? 

You should investigate! 

2010 Exam #3 Study Guide

AMH 2010 Exam #3 Study Guide
·      I will give you 13 of these terms on your Exam.
·      You will choose 12 of them to make 4 sets of 3 terms.
·      Explain each term for 5 points (2-3 sentences) then tell the story of “together these show” for 10 points = 25 points per set.

1.     Anna Catherine2.     Masterpiece3.     New Harmony4.     Mother Anne Lee5.     Shakers6.     Cotton Mill7.     Millerites8.     The Great Disappointment9.     Oneida Community10.  John Humphrey Noyes11.  Complex Marriage12.  Joseph Smith13.  12 Gold Tablets14.  Book of Mormon15.  Nauvoo16.  American Colonization Society17.  Liberia18.  Battle of New Orleans 181519.  American Society for the Promotion of Temperance20.  Dorothea Dix21.  An Appeal to Fallen Women (Dickens)22.  Female Moral Reform Society23.  Dorothea Dix24.  Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum25.  Missouri Compromise (1820)